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Partner Agreements / MOUs

It’s important to outline the roles and responsibilities of each of your collaborative partners. Check out the sample Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and Partner Agreements we’ve compiled for you.

Animal and Human Service Shelter Agreement

Intake Forms

When a pet parent and their pet enter your program, it’s important to gather some basic information like their names, veterinary information, and some brief history about the pet. Check out some sample intake forms here.

Cooper’s House (Human Services Shelter)

Safe Voices (Human Services Shelter)

On-site Agreements/Expectations

It’s a good idea to clearly communicate to pet parents what is expected of them, and what they can expect from you. We hear organizations use different descriptions of these including expectations, guidelines, or agreements. Check out some sample forms here.

Cooper’s House (Human Services Shelter)

Safe Voices (Human Services Shelter)

Consent and Release Forms

When a pet arrives at your program, you should be sure to obtain releases/consents to provide veterinary care for pets in emergencies and for ownership should the pet be abandoned. Check out some release/consent forms here.

Fostering Documentation

Whether a fostering program is your primary model or part of your backup plan, there’s some important documentation you should consider including agreements to outline expectations and consents/releases discussed above. Check out the sample documentation we’ve compiled for you.

Lost Our Home (Animal Shelter):

Nashville Humane Association (Animal Shelter):

Outreach to Pets in Need (Animal Services Shelter):

Beacon of Hope (Human Services Shelter):

Pet Parent Evaluations

One of the most important pieces of your pet program is evaluation! Be sure to evaluate your pet parents so you can learn where adjustments need to be made. Evaluations are also a valuable communications and fundraising tool. Check out some sample evaluation forms here.

Cooper’s House (Human Services Shelter)

Pet Resumes

It may seem a little silly, but helping your pet parents create a “pet resume” can be a helpful step in helping to secure long term housing. We’ll share some helpful guides and sample resumes here!

Pet Resume Guide_UCSF

Editable Pet Resume (Au)