Help us build pet-inclusive spaces at shelters around the country!

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Rescue Rebuild

Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild is a shelter renovation program that recruits volunteers from all over the country to help animal shelters, wildlife facilities, domestic violence shelters, and homeless & veterans housing build safe spaces for animals.

Volunteers work under the guidance of construction professionals and will learn a variety of skills. No prior experience is required.

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Volunteer with

RedRover Responders volunteers provide vital support for animals in need across the county. Volunteers may be deployed to assist with emergency animal sheltering, spay and neuter clinics, or construction projects to build pet-friendly spaces.

Volunteers will complete an online training program and will be notified via email when there is an opportunity to deploy in their state or region.

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Support Your Local Community

There are so many ways you as an individual can get involved in your community and help support your local pet programs. Below are a few of the examples we’ve heard of along the way.

Organize A Supply Drive

Organize your workplace, community group, church, or even your child’s classroom and collect essential pet care supplies for owners in crisis. Make sure to ask your local shelter what items they need and how much storage space they have before you begin!

Commonly requested items include shelf-stable pet food, toys, collars and leashes, litter boxes, litter, pet beds, dog crates, and flea and tick medication.

Start a Medical Fund

People experiencing domestic violence or homelessness often have trouble accessing veterinary care for their pets. Work with a local shelter or veterinary clinic to set up a medical fund to help pets get the care they need.

Vaccinations, flea treatment, and spay and neuter surgery tend to be the areas of greatest need. However, some pets may also need more advanced care like dental extractions or broken bone repair.

Start a Pet Deposit Fund

Pet deposits and other fees often present a barrier to pet owners seeking stable housing. Similar to a medical fund, a pet deposit fund can help people and pets in crisis access long-term shelter.


Contact your local animal shelter to find out if they operate an emergency fostering program for pet owners in crisis. If they do, sign up to be a foster volunteer!

Caring for someone’s much loved pet while they are unable to can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Use Your Voice

Use your voice to advocate for pets and people in your community. Reach out to local and state representatives to share what you’ve learned and urge them to support pet housing initiatives.

Are you connected to an organization that serves domestic violence survivors or people experiencing homelessness? Reach out to them to share resources, offer support, and encourage them to consider starting a pet housing program.

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