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Why Pet Programs are important

Pet programs play an important role in maintaining the human-animal bond for people and pets in crisis. Let’s dive into WHY creating pet programs are so important.

Learn more about the why


Creating strong partnerships within your community will go a long way towards setting and accomplishing your goals. Remember, you don’t have to be the expert in everything! 

Learn How Collaboration Can Help You

Design For
Your Space

When designing your pet spaces, there are countless factors to consider and more than one way to do everything. Whether you are an animal or human service provider, THERE IS A PLAN FOR YOU! We also have tips for common hurdles that all programs will need to overcome. 

Learn About Designs Suitable For ALL Programs

Program Structure
& Operations

An important part of creating your pet program is determining how your program will operate from the pet’s arrival to their exit. Whether pets will be housed at a humans services organization or an animal organization, it’s important to work with your collaborative partners to determine this structure.

There are MANY different ways to operate your program, and yours will likely be unique in its own way. With example forms, basic policies to consider, and insurance do’s and don’ts, we have it all for you here!

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One of the concerns we hear from organizations most often about starting or sustaining a pet program is how they’ll fund it – both startup costs and sustaining the program. We’ve got good news! Creating a pet program to support people and their pets has some real benefits for all of your collaborative partners. Think of a pet-friendly program as a fundraising tool rather than just another budget item.

Explore Fundraising Ideas & Grant Opportunities

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