Coaching Program

Access one-on-one support from our team of coaches to help get your pet housing program up and running!

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Are you ready to start housing pets in crisis but aren’t sure where to start? Our Coaching Program might be the perfect way to get the ball rolling! Our team of coaches will dive deep with you and your collaborative partners to help you find a housing strategy that is both effective and sustainable. Through a series of one-on-one virtual meetings, we’ll get to know your organization and community and provide tailored guidance that meets your unique needs.

We’ll troubleshoot your top concerns, connect you to grant opportunities, and provide educational materials for staff, volunteers, and pet parents. Planning to update your facilities? Participating organizations will receive a customized design plan and budget for renovating your space. We can even support you in conversations with architects and contractors to make sure your vision comes to life!

Need help with something else? Just let us know! We can’t wait to get started.

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This program is open to established domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, animal shelters, and veterans housing programs. Other organizations seeking assistance are encouraged to contact us via email so we can learn more about your unique needs. 

Though not required, we strongly recommend that organizations first complete the Housing People and Pets in Crisis Training Workshop before applying for the Coaching Program.

How Much
Does it Cost?

Like all Don’t Forget the Pets content, our Coaching Program is 100% free. We will never charge you for our time or any materials that we create for you!

If you decide to move forward with a pet housing program, your organization will be responsible for any associated costs. Our team can help connect you to funding opportunities; however, please remember that participation in the Coaching Program does not guarantee grant funding from RedRover or Greater Good Charities.

How Do
I Sign Up?

Our coaching program is always open. Just complete our brief application so we can learn more about your organization and goals!

Apply Now

How Do
I Sign Up?

Our coaching program is always open. Just complete our brief application so we can learn more about your organization and goals!

Apply Now

Working with Rescue Rebuild and RedRover was one of the best experiences we have had doing an expansion of our shelter! The team was unbelievably organized and had a phenomenal 'can do' attitude. Any challenges that came our way were quickly resolved and smoothed out. If only every construction project could go so well!

YWCA Charleston

Your team’s expertise was invaluable. Danielle and Nate knew exactly what to advise and some of the barriers we may have as a governmental agency and also provided solutions in a small space.

San Diego County District Attorney

It would be lie to say it's not a lot of work to add onsite pet housing to a human shelter, but whatever level of support you need to make it happen, this is it. It's such a peace of mind to have experts on hand who specialize in doing this. Breaking a bigger project into smaller sized chunks, giving realistic expectations and helping with advice, strategies for your situation and whatever pet housing goals you may be trying to achieve.

The Spring

We are so grateful for what we have learned and achieved with your help! We could not have put our plan into action without you and your team. We have already housed a couple animals for families with a temporary need.

Humane Society of the Ohio Valley

The support is thorough and their values are perfectly on target. Danielle advocated for and supported us from the beginning. She made it possible for us to complete the remodel.

Domestic Violence Resource Center

The support and encouragement from the coaching program was amazing! Starting a new program with people and animals can be a lot and they were very helpful in navigating that. In addition to helpful advice and connections they provided. They were able to facilitate sending us cat supplies, do a mock cat room visual, and were helpful in displaying to our agency how simple taking cats would be. I do not know if we would be taking cats at this time without their help.

YWCA Oklahoma City