Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated staff members from Greater Good Charities and RedRover.

Katie Campbell

President and CEO

With more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit industry, Katie has worked closely with diverse communities across racial, ethnic, and economic lines in positions ranging from front line service to management roles. Katie knows that more can be accomplished when communities work together and she brings this philosphy to her work as President and CEO for RedRover and co-founder of the Don't Forget the Pets project. You can find Katie co-leading our training workshops and working with organizations across the country to build community support for pet-inclusive housing.

Bryna Donnelly

Vice President of Pet Programs

Bryna Donnelly is the Founder and Vice President of Pet Programs for Greater Good Charities Rescue Rebuild and co-founder of the Don't Forget the Pets Project. Through her role on the Rescue Rebuild team, Bryna has overseen the design and renovation of more than 186 domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, animal shelters, and wildlife sanctuaries worldwide. She brings this expertise to Don't Forget the Pets where you can find her co-leading our workshops and helping organizations find the right design solutions for their budget!

Danielle Works

Community Outreach Coordinator

Danielle brings her enthusiasm for community-building and animal welfare to her role as Community Outreach Coordinator for RedRover. With more than a decade of experience in animal welfare, Danielle recognizes the power and complexity of the human-animal bond and uses her experience to identify collaborative solutions for pets and owners in crisis. She supports the Don’t Forget the Pets Coaching Program and can help find answers to all your pet questions!

Nate Borger

Senior Program Manager

Nate is currently living outside of Los Angeles, CA but is from Bethlehem, PA. Nate first worked with the team in 2013 after transferring to Delaware Valley University. He went on almost every trip he could during school and picked up his construction knowledge along the way. Nate graduated with a degree in Wildlife and Conservation Management in 2016 and began work with GGC in 2020. Nate has 2 pets (1 dog and 1 cat) that keep him and his fiancé company. Nate has been heavily involved in the Don't Forget the Pets program since he started.

Ketia Johnson

Community Outreach Coordinator

Ketia brings her passion for animal welfare and community collaboration to her role as Community Outreach Coordinator for RedRover. Through her background in animal sheltering, she has strengthened her understanding of the incredible relationships between people and their companion animals. Planning to apply for a RedRover Safe Housing grant? Ketia will support your organization as you work through the application process!

Gabbie Vilanova

Program Manager

Gabbie started volunteering with Rescue Rebuild in 2019 when she was a freshman in college. After graduating with a B.S. in Animal Science, she realized that the animal welfare industry was where she belonged. After graduation she worked at a local SPCA as an animal behavior coordinator and completed an internship with the Don’t Forget the Pets program. She is excited to take her animal shelter experience and put it to good use while also learning the construction side of things. She currently resides in PA with her rescue guinea pig and her dog, Cooper!