Our goal at Greater Good Charities and RedRover is to provide simple-to-follow strategies for human and animal services organizations to overcome the challenges of creating a pet housing program.

Top 7 Challenges

We've Got Solutions

  1. Lack of Space
  2. Allergies
  3. Funding to start/maintain
  4. Concerns about liability/insurance
  5. Fear of pets
  6. Safety/animal bites
  7. Cleanliness/animal care

Why Create a Program:

  • A barrier to safety is eliminated – DV survivors and their pets can find safety and healing together
  • People experiencing homelessness will be able to access supportive services with their pet
  • Human service organizations will reinforce the human-animal bond and its role in the healing process
  • Pets will receive the compassion and care they need

Let's Start Exploring:

  • The importance of starting pet programs to help people and pets in crisis
  • The role of the human-animal bond on recovery, child welfare, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) sustainability
  • How to design your pet spaces
  • Ways to create and sustain pet programs
  • How to apply for funds and grants


  • 10% of the 3.5 million homeless Americans have pets
  • 47% of domestic violence (DV) survivors delay leaving abusers due to their pets
  • 25% of DV survivors return to abusers because they had to leave a pet behind
  • 57% of homeless women cite DV as the primary cause 
  • Only 15% of DV shelters have on-site pet programs


Greater Good Charities and RedRover believe that pets are family – and that no one should have to choose between their safety and their pet. Together, we share our knowledge on fundraising, insights on human services and animal welfare, and construction expertise to help organizations welcome pets of domestic violence survivors and the unhoused populations.

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Check out what people have to say who have actually trained with us, designed programs with us, been funded by us, or built with us.

Margaret – “Working with RedRover and Greater Good was so easy. We appreciate all that was done to make Safe Futures more pet-friendly, as do victims. I would say that becoming pet-friendly and accepting pets in all our housing programs, especially the emergency domestic violence shelter, gives the message to victims that we care not just about them, but for all who they consider their family, including pets.”

Samantha – “There is so much packed in this training and it is so well done in the time allotted.  Katie and Bryna speak from the dynamics of domestic violence to the science behind the human animal bond to funding for programs.  It is great! And in Arizona it a was jumping off point to be able to have more dynamic conversations about the intersection of pets and domestic violence.”

Julie – “We recommend taking the opportunity to work with Rescue Rebuild and RedRover! The application process through completion of the build were streamlined and efficient. Even though it sounds too good to be true, this is all we hoped for and more! Any organization wanting to remove a barrier to their program participants should jump in and say “yes, when can we start” if they have a chance to add pet-friendly shelter to their services.”

Bobbi – “This project saved two lives because I wasn’t going to leave my husband without my dog, Chico. He means everything to me and has always been by my side. Before I found out that there was a shelter that allowed pets, I was sure I’d have to continue to stay homeless on the streets or go back to him. We are so blessed to be together and have a place like this.”

Rachel F. – “It’s not everyday that you get to swing a sledgehammer, ‘reclaim’ old wood from a dumpster and get artistic building feline enrichment items, that is, unless you are volunteering with RedRover and Rescue Rebuild. These builds definitely offer something for everyone, and you are guaranteed some fun surprises along the way.”


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