Supporting people and pets in crisis.

Greater Good Charities + RedRover are teaming up to create effective and sustainable programs for people and pets in crisis.

Sheltering families together.

Pet owners experiencing domestic violence or homelessness often struggle to access shelter and may even refuse lifesaving care if it means they must leave their pets behind.

Our expert team works with organizations around the country to help build pet-inclusive housing programs that keep families together.

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of survivors delay leaving their abuser out of concern for a pet’s safety.

of survivors report that their abuser injured, killed, or threatened their pet.

of survivors say that their pet was significant in their ability to survive and heal.

Resources & Support

Are you ready to take the first step toward pet-inclusive sheltering? Don’t Forget the Pets is here to help you along your journey! Service providers can access a wide variety of resources and reference materials, like the DFTP Training Handbook and Document Library.

Join us for an upcoming workshop or guest presentation for an opportunity to ask questions and connect with other organizations in your community and beyond. Hoping for more comprehensive support? Sign up for our free Coaching Program to access tailored guidance to get you over the finish line!

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