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New Report!

The Urban Resource Institute and the National Domestic Violence Hotline recently teamed up to survey 2,500 individuals contacting the Hotline on their experiences and feelings related to their pets and abuse. The PALS Report offers valuable insight into the experiences of survivors and their pets and highlights the critical need for more awareness of pet programs. Download the report for free here.

Some of the highlights from the PALS Report include:

  • 72% were unaware that some shelters accept pets
  • 76% reported noticeable changes in their pets’ behavior as a result of abuse
  • 91% shared that their pet plays a significant role in their ability to survive and heal
Visit to find pet programs throughout the U.S. and Canada.


“The challenges associated with providing proper shelter and supplies for pets are minimal compared to the comfort, empowerment, and freedom brought to survivors.”

“The people heal the pets and pets heal the people…it is worth any extra work on the end of the shelter.”

“It is worth the effort and the extra work at the shelter to keep families together with their pets. Pets help people in crisis feel more peaceful and focused on moving forward in their lives.”