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Without a pet program, people in crisis may not be able to get the support they need. While starting a new program can be daunting with such considerations as staff buy-in to designing and funding – we can guide you through the process. Remember, there’s no one right way to run a pet program, but we’re here to help you explore the options and get started.

Our Training Handbook was designed to break down the process of starting a Pet Program into simple, bite-sized pieces.  Start there, and remember we are here to help if more questions arise!

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 If reading through the handbook spurs specific questions, we can help. Our training workshop and coaching program can help individualize your program to best suit your community’s most important needs. Our events give you a chance to hear us walk through the program and provide thorough details. 

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Fostering benefits the pets in your community and encourages your community to get involved. By asking your local animal lovers to foster, you effectively bring people and pets together and raise awareness about people in crisis and their pets. While many of the human services shelters that we have partnered with have started and run successful foster programs on their own, we highly recommend partnering with an animal welfare organization. Remember, you don’t have to be the expert at everything. Let the animal welfare experts lend you a hand!

To help expand your community service offerings, resources are available to help our animal welfare partners provide fosters for individuals in need or human service organizations.

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Get involved in your community.  There are so many ways you can help out.  Check out our Get Involved Now page to get some ideas!

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