No matter where you are in the process of creating or sustaining a pet program, you’re not alone. Join our community to connect, engage and learn about everything from housing strategies to fundraising, to program successes and challenges. Leaders of the movement will be there for you along the way!

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Accessing the Forum

Our Forum can be viewed by anyone who is looking to learn more about sustainable pet programs. If you would like to ask and answer questions, you will need to create a free and simple login to interact.

Some example topics:

  • Getting staff or board buy-in
  • Housing strategies
  • Policies and procedures
  • Fundraising
  • Program evaluation

Who should join:

  • Domestic violence shelter representatives
  • Homeless shelter representatives
  • Animal shelter representatives
  • Veterinarians/techs
  • Anyone interested in supporting a pet program


“We found it helpful to contact programs who were already doing this work and were able to ask questions and learn from their experience to inform our process.”

“Do your research first. There are a few shelters that have kennels. Call them and talk. Ask for their policies and procedures. Go visit, if you can.”

“It’s beneficial to talk to programs that already have programs, exchange ideas, be able to find out what systems they have in place as well as have questions answered.”