Are you looking for ways to help people and pets in crisis in your community?  Check out our training handbook to learn the basics.  If you want to dive even deeper, join us for a training workshop!

Join the Pet-Friendly Movement!

Can you feel that? There’s momentum building to ensure more domestic violence shelters are pet friendly, and you can be a part of it! Since 2019, the percentage of pet-friendly domestic violence (DV) shelters has grown from 10% to now just over 17%. And the DFTP team is proud to support the efforts of RedRover and Greater Good Charities to reach 25% by 2025, with generous support from PetSmart Charities and Purina! 

It Takes A

You don’t have to be an expert in everything! It’s vitally important that you work with your community when creating and operating a pet housing program. Learn more about why and how to work with each of these sectors:

Individuals Influencing

There are so many ways you as an individual can get involved in your community and help support your local pet programs. Below are a few of the examples we’ve heard of along the way.

Organize Supply Drives

Organize your child’s classroom or your coworkers to do a supply drive for your local program. Supply drives may include pet food, treat, litter, beds, and even flea and tick medication.

Be sure to reach out to the human services shelter or animal shelter first to see what they need most!

Create a Medical Fund

The pets of people experiencing homelessness and/or domestic violence may not have had access to veterinary care. Medical needs may be basic like vaccinations or spay/neuter services or more complex, like dental care.

Help the pet program meet these needs by setting up a veterinary medical fund. You would be surprised at how impactful those dollars can be!

Create a Pet
Deposit Fund

Similar to a medical fund, a pet deposit fund could provide assistance to pet parents on their journey of securing long term housing. We all know that pet-friendly housing is a premium, but having access to pet deposits (or even double pet deposits!) can be a huge help for pet parents.

Also talk with local rental companies/agencies to get them involved in supporting your local programs!

Adopt a family

Consider adopting a family from a local pet program. This could mean supporting a family while in shelter or helping them transition to long term housing by providing supplies, veterinary care or even pet deposit funds.

While maintaining confidentiality is always important, reach out to your local pet programs to see if this is a way you can support them.

Be a SpokesDog
in your Community!

Knowledge is power!  We are always surprised by how many people tell us, “Wow, I never really thought about it!”  Educate your community about the Link and the importance of the human-animal bond in helping people and their pets find safety and healing together.

And help us spread the word about the support available to organizations through the DFTP program!

Start A

Fostering benefits the pets in your community and encourages your community to get involved. By asking your local animal lovers to foster, you effectively bring people and pets together and raise awareness about people in crisis and their pets. While many of the human services shelters that we have partnered with have started and run successful foster programs on their own, we highly recommend partnering with an animal welfare organization. Remember, you don’t have to be the expert at everything. Let the animal welfare experts lend you a hand!

To help expand your community service offerings, resources are available to help our animal welfare partners provide fosters for individuals in need or human service organizations.

Foster Programs

Ready to Help Us Build?

Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild is a volunteer-driven shelter renovation program that started by building at animal shelters in need and then brought those skills to building spaces for pets at domestic violence and homeless shelters.  No matter your skill level, we will train you and put you to work!

Do you want to be part of the change that will help people and pets?  Check out our Upcoming Builds and sign up to join us on a build!

Due to COVID, we are currently not taking volunteers out to build with us. That WILL BE CHANGING SOON! Sign up for our Master Volunteer list, and we will keep you notified of ALL volunteer opportunities when we are back to building soon!

Interested in becoming a RedRover Responders volunteer?

Learn more about our RedRover Responders volunteer team!

We are an emergency safety net for animals, offering shelter and care when and where they need it most. With the help of more than 4,000 volunteers, we provide vital emergency sheltering assistance for animals displaced by natural disasters and rescued from other crises, such as puppy mills and hoarding situations. And we support the Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild team when we can!


“My time spent volunteering with RedRover and Rescue Rebuild was truly a one of a kind experience. It was rewarding to be able to do something that has such a profound impact in the lives of both humans and animals in need.”

“There is something unique about the unconditional love, commitment and support of a pet. It’s the grounding base that sometimes doesn’t exist elsewhere in our world. If I can help my fellow humans connect with an animal or keep their pet along the way, well then I have really hit the jackpot.”

“When I started volunteering with RedRover and Rescue Rebuild, I expected that I would be making a difference for animals and people in need. I did not anticipate all of the amazing people it would bring into my life.”