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You may be starting your pet program in a small home serving as a domestic violence shelter, a homeless shelter in a converted old school, a transitional living program in apartments, or a beautiful new animal shelter. Whatever your circumstances may be, there are design elements common to all that will help you run a successful pet program that keeps pets and pet parents mentally and physically healthy.  There is always space for furry family members.  We will walk you through five Pet Plan housing strategies so you can determine which will best serve your needs.

Pet Plan Designs

We will walk you through the following:

  • Suggested construction designs (Pet Plans)
  • Pictorial examples to give you ideas
  • Pro’s & con’s for each Pet Plan
  • Construction material suggestions
  • Common hurdles & solutions
  • Construction suggestions to keep your insurance company happy
  • How to get the construction started
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Deeper Dive

When thinking about the construction and design your shelter may require, the two main things you need to consider are material selection so your rooms or pet spaces will hold up and the basic hurdles that we discuss in the handbook.  Below we have provided some supplemental information for the most frequently asked questions and most common issues that we run into.

Concerns About Allergies

Shelters are often concerned about allergies. Rest assured that there are several ways to deal with allergens and keep allergy sufferers happy when designing your pet spaces. Before you get started, check out what the National Institutes of Health says about allergies.

Concerns About Barking

When designing your pet spaces, keep your shelter’s flow of traffic in mind. It’s no surprise that pets like to say “Hi” to passersby, so consider putting your pet spaces away from high traffic areas. Ends of hallways work well!  Want more cool tips about keeping pets happy and quiet — go check out the handbook.

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